the right tools

30k ski race
I’m already tired!

i would not train and run a marathon wearing a pair of converse shoes and i cant train and ski for the tjejvassan wearing skis that don’t go (did not really realize there were such things, but there are! you can actually strap a pair of plastic ski look-a-likes to your feet and not go anywhere!). so, yesterday i trotted on down to the local sporting goods store and bought an inexpensive pair of skis that the salesman assured me would be perfect for my current needs. (they even have a little stamp of the race i will ski on them). i am a little (LOT) bit nervous about my first time out with them because i cant really control myself when going downhill. i have been told that the secret is to loosen up and bend my knees. so, if after this week you never see another post on this blog, i think it is safe to assume that i went flying off into the woods, never to be seen or heard from again. yikes.

UPDATE: Trying Again 2009