“Over the years, philosophers, anthropologists and scientists have tried to define what makes Homo sapiens uniquely Homo sapiens. We are tool-makers, some experts tell us. We possess the capacity for complex language, others point out. We enjoy sex and engage in it for purposes other than procreation. We feel and express emotions. We experience wonder and curiosity, and we have the ability to contemplate why we exist and what the meaning of our lives may be. All of these statements are arguably true. But there is another distinguishing characteristic of human beings that has been unknown or underestimated until recently:

We blog.

(from blog! how the newest media revolution is changing politics, business, and culture)

I ordered (and received) a book called blog! before Christmas. I had not picked it up yet, instead looking over a wonderful book called style and sociolinguistic variation. Now that I have read the introduction to blog! i cant wait to delve further!! It seems wonderfully written, with a great format and not too sensational or over-romantic (contrary to the above quote). The book is separated into three parts: politics, business and culture. I will skim the first two sections, but am most interested in the third. The one sentiment that I have gleamed from the introduction which I feel separates it from the rest of the blogging books i have read is that it is grounded in the human need to communicate, rather than in the technology. It repeats the statement that blogging will not look like blogging in the future (i.e., the medium being the message), but will take the lessons that we have been learning since we first splashed color on cave walls about conversation and communication and apply them in a way that was previously impossible as it is only recently that this marriage between technology and communication allows us to converse on a global scale.

re-building routines

i have been away for quite some time. due to illness, travel, children’s illnesses (try twins with the stomach flu, the sheer amount of laundry to wash alone can overwhelm one!!), etc., my daily routines have become strained and somewhat forgotten. i was finding it very hard to get back into the swing of things, to say the least. yesterday, however, a group of digital researchers that i am a part of, met down in the lab (we are now called the Digital Interaction Research Network – you will hear a lot more about this group soon!) and i became re-energized! i had forgotten how great collaboration can awaken forgotten passions. i feel ready to work again, to read and blog and study. there is a lot to catch up on, and i forgot my key notebook at home today, but i still feel ready to climb my proverbial mountains!