Hello Crazy World, It Is I…

and you thought I was gone…left the building…escaped out the back door? Well, think again mighty brain trust…. I am back like a bad dream just waiting to twist your little brain in to a pretzel. What do you think about Wislawa? great, huh… to bad we all must die. You know I think sleeping is over rated. Why did God make such a wonderful creation only to have us stop working so we could rest… hate sleeping!

You know the woman that originally created this blog was pretty damn incredible. We didn’t have the same political views and could very well have had a wonderful argument over a volume of topics. I did however bring her back to life though her original blog and historical posts…. no she’s not dead, well at least I do’t think she is (not old enough). I wonder what she will think if she ever ventures on to the site? will she like it, will she hate it, will she laugh or will she cry…. I have no idea but either way… I am impressed with her.

“It’s hard watching people change, but it’s even harder remembering who they used to be” – have no idea

Medium as message

Yesterday I went through the 80+ pages of templates looking for a nice base to tweak. While template surfing, I was struck by the change in space available for the post. Or perhaps it would be better to say the attention given to the post rather than the space available. I wonder if this is a reflection of RSS reading? With RSS you bring the content back to youno stylesheet included. If you want to get readers to interact on your site, however, maybe a flashy template is necessary

Or maybe blogging content is running dry? Maybe the luster has worn off a bit. Maybe we are running out of things to say. Maybe the medium really is becoming the message. It is all of a sudden so cool to have a blog (well, relatively cool :-P). Newspapers and business have jumped on the bandwagon, and often they miss a key aspect of blogging the conversation. In order to have a nice little conversation, you need a bit of content to converse about. No coffee talk lady giving you a topic and telling you to discuss it amongst yourselves while she whimpers Im a little verklempt! in the background, but real content. A debate. A discussion. A way to group around and support each other. Interaction.


I have been looking at blogging for three years now and it has changed from a very textual medium to one that is also quite visual. But at what cost? How much content are we loosing? Dont get me wrong, there are some visual blogs are that rich in content but others are just rich in pixels. Blogging has passed the proverbial tipping point and soon (maybe) all those who blog for bloggings sake will jump away and content will once again reign supremeat least that is my clichéd pipe-dream 🙂

(A little side note, I am really not sure this theme is me still feels like I am wearing something a bit too bright)