Finished the paper!!!

Yes, it is official! I finished the paper and submitted it to the ICWSM conference. It is the first methodological paper I have written and it feels a bit strange to write something that was more descriptive and with little to no results. It does, however describe the why and how of my current pilot study (which I *hope* to have finished by the end of Jan. – Finishing this paper gave me quite a lot of energy!) Although, i can admit that I will take time off for Christmas and decorating our tree!!

this is the abstract from the paper:

Following Conversational Traces:
Part I: Creating a corpus with the ICWSM dataset

This paper will present the methodology behind the creation of a linguistic corpus based on a subset of the 2007 International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media dataset. Social network analysis methods were used to identify traces of conversation in a small group of political bloggers. Posts from these bloggers were tagged for parts of speech and indexed into a corpus using Xairia. From this corpus, the political blogger subset will be investigated for register and referential information. Referential information, especially with regards to new and given information, will be compared against network placement both to identify network innovators as well as to compare network placement as a catalyst for innovation. The final section, Further Research, will describe the pilot study generated from this subset, as well as outline the modifications necessary for the creation of a corpus from the entire ICWSM 2006 dataset (currently in progress).

reaching out

i really admire the amount that my university reaches out to students in UmeĆ„. there are different days all through the year when students are invited in to listen or experience or experiment. this friday is one such day and i have the honor of representing the Department of Modern Languages to 4 groups of 12 and 13 year olds. we will begin by watching a movie (gotta love imovie) which shows what we are working on now, interesting projects combining the humanities and IT – world wide, and finishes by proposing future research in keeping with the theme of the students being the agents of future research, they will move through 5 stations: machimina, blogging, hypertexts, gaming, and a poetry project. very much looking forward to interacting with the students!