Hello Crazy World, It Is I…

and you thought I was gone…left the building…escaped out the back door? Well, think again mighty brain trust…. I am back like a bad dream just waiting to twist your little brain in to a pretzel. What do you think about Wislawa? great, huh… to bad we all must die. You know I think sleeping is over rated. Why did God make such a wonderful creation only to have us stop working so we could rest… hate sleeping!

You know the woman that originally created this blog was pretty damn incredible. We didn’t have the same political views and could very well have had a wonderful argument over a volume of topics. I did however bring her back to life though her original blog and historical posts…. no she’s not dead, well at least I do’t think she is (not old enough). I wonder what she will think if she ever ventures on to the site? will she like it, will she hate it, will she laugh or will she cry…. I have no idea but either way… I am impressed with her.

“It’s hard watching people change, but it’s even harder remembering who they used to be” – have no idea

It all started so innocently!

source of all things good
btw, picture from here. what a cool idea!

I am home with a bad cold and a killer headache and I wonder if this headache (admittedly from the cold) is even worse because of ol Joe. I have not been on the juice that long and it really did start very innocently. A cappuccino here (muuumm), a latte there (oh, yum!), and then when they put a little Irish cream in my latte, oh heaven. But now I am paying for it. My headache reduced significantly when I had a cup this afternoon. Just one cup. I still feel the head cold, all stuffy and tired, but the actual ache well, now I can look around without wanting someone to shoot me. Ugh. Will I have to start my day by getting just a little shot of espresso?!? Will my head scream until I can feel the warm caffeine rushing through my veins? Yikes. Maybe I need to go cold turkey, suffer for a week or so and then stay away from the lovely, frothy goodness.

re-building routines

i have been away for quite some time. due to illness, travel, children’s illnesses (try twins with the stomach flu, the sheer amount of laundry to wash alone can overwhelm one!!), etc., my daily routines have become strained and somewhat forgotten. i was finding it very hard to get back into the swing of things, to say the least. yesterday, however, a group of digital researchers that i am a part of, met down in the lab (we are now called the Digital Interaction Research Network – you will hear a lot more about this group soon!) and i became re-energized! i had forgotten how great collaboration can awaken forgotten passions. i feel ready to work again, to read and blog and study. there is a lot to catch up on, and i forgot my key notebook at home today, but i still feel ready to climb my proverbial mountains!

the kindness of strangers

i have spent much of the last week and this weekend skiing. in 5 weeks time, i will attempt a 30k ski race (keep in mind, i have only skied 6 times in my life). i am not sure that this will happen as i still can not  turn well, and freak a bit on downhills. i went out again yesterday and it went a lot better despite the kindness of strangers i met on the trail. there was an older gentleman on the trail that decided i needed some good advice on the proper skiing technique. and while that is true, i wish that he had not decided that the opportune time to give me this advice was at the bottom of a hill. he stopped, turned around, and started to say something. i had to fall on purpose (because i don’t know how to stop) to avoid hitting him, to which he said, if you bend your knees more, you wont fall. laying on the ground with my mouth hanging open, i was not able to say anything before he skied off – such as i may not have fallen had he not stopped at the bottom of the hill. he stopped every few hundred meters after that to give me another pointer or two, but before the next hill, i stopped and let the next 5 or so skiers pass so i did not have to worry about falling again i know that he was trying to be helpful, and it is true that i need all the ski advice i can get, but sometimes the kindness of strangers only makes one have to throw themselves into a snowbank.

the right tools

30k ski race
I’m already tired!

i would not train and run a marathon wearing a pair of converse shoes and i cant train and ski for the tjejvassan wearing skis that don’t go (did not really realize there were such things, but there are! you can actually strap a pair of plastic ski look-a-likes to your feet and not go anywhere!). so, yesterday i trotted on down to the local sporting goods store and bought an inexpensive pair of skis that the salesman assured me would be perfect for my current needs. (they even have a little stamp of the race i will ski on them). i am a little (LOT) bit nervous about my first time out with them because i cant really control myself when going downhill. i have been told that the secret is to loosen up and bend my knees. so, if after this week you never see another post on this blog, i think it is safe to assume that i went flying off into the woods, never to be seen or heard from again. yikes.

UPDATE: Trying Again 2009

learning to find my limits

one thing i have always kind of liked about me, is my willingness to find ways and to make things happen. often, however, i would loose sight of my own limitations – take on WAY too much and flounder until the task is done. now that i am more aware of this flaw in my make-things-happiness, i have decided a balance is necessary. i still want to look for the next adventure and try out new possibilities, but i also need to learn how not to loose sight of my limitations in order to best push them as far as i can. soooo in that vein, i have decided to downgrade my somewhat over-enthusiastic goal of the swedish classic this year. considering i can barely swim or ski, i have decided to attempt the tjejklassik first (the girl race), which is just a shorter version of the same races. i guess it is a good intro to the classic, but the 10k run seems like such a short run. i guess i could always work on speed for it and next year, after having more time to train in the events i cant really even do yet, i can attempt the big one

this also means, however, that my first race is in only 3 weeks!!! yikes! and it is the ski race (magnus – HELP). at this moment, i am afraid to go down hills. i actually take off my skis and walk down (sigh). that i will have to learn in the next three weeks. the distance, 30K, i am not worried about. i have decent stamina from my running and weight-lifting. it is just the whole going down at a speed faster than walking (wonder if they will let me wear a helmet) and sony bono pops into my head. yep, i will let you know how it goes. and please, please hold your thumbs (or cross your fingers) that i do not get decapitated by a happy tree.