It all started so innocently!

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btw, picture from here. what a cool idea!

I am home with a bad cold and a killer headache and I wonder if this headache (admittedly from the cold) is even worse because of ol Joe. I have not been on the juice that long and it really did start very innocently. A cappuccino here (muuumm), a latte there (oh, yum!), and then when they put a little Irish cream in my latte, oh heaven. But now I am paying for it. My headache reduced significantly when I had a cup this afternoon. Just one cup. I still feel the head cold, all stuffy and tired, but the actual ache well, now I can look around without wanting someone to shoot me. Ugh. Will I have to start my day by getting just a little shot of espresso?!? Will my head scream until I can feel the warm caffeine rushing through my veins? Yikes. Maybe I need to go cold turkey, suffer for a week or so and then stay away from the lovely, frothy goodness.