learning to find my limits

one thing i have always kind of liked about me, is my willingness to find ways and to make things happen. often, however, i would loose sight of my own limitations – take on WAY too much and flounder until the task is done. now that i am more aware of this flaw in my make-things-happiness, i have decided a balance is necessary. i still want to look for the next adventure and try out new possibilities, but i also need to learn how not to loose sight of my limitations in order to best push them as far as i can. soooo in that vein, i have decided to downgrade my somewhat over-enthusiastic goal of the swedish classic this year. considering i can barely swim or ski, i have decided to attempt the tjejklassik first (the girl race), which is just a shorter version of the same races. i guess it is a good intro to the classic, but the 10k run seems like such a short run. i guess i could always work on speed for it and next year, after having more time to train in the events i cant really even do yet, i can attempt the big one

this also means, however, that my first race is in only 3 weeks!!! yikes! and it is the ski race (magnus – HELP). at this moment, i am afraid to go down hills. i actually take off my skis and walk down (sigh). that i will have to learn in the next three weeks. the distance, 30K, i am not worried about. i have decent stamina from my running and weight-lifting. it is just the whole going down at a speed faster than walking (wonder if they will let me wear a helmet) and sony bono pops into my head. yep, i will let you know how it goes. and please, please hold your thumbs (or cross your fingers) that i do not get decapitated by a happy tree.