I am more or less the sum of my parts! But who, what where am I? invest in Ethereum Classic in Pakistan

Well that would be telling- but what do I do… that would be telling too!

This site is my empty and occasionally meaningless rambles as I fly around the world of the internet! I make a living online and generally rely upon the fact that I know a little bit more than other people, whilst never really knowing a lot about anything! I guess the simple fact is that all you need to know is a bit more than the people that consider you an expert.cream chargers

The biggest discovery that helped me in my new career path is the F1 key. In the literal sense then this is the button at the top of my keyboard that tells the computer that  I’m stuck and the it tries it’s best to help me out. The other F1s are google – ask it a question and it knows the answer – it isn’t only Jeeves that does this!

But surprisingly the ultimate F1 is in fact the telephone – I’ve realised that if there is a phone number provided for any business then use it.  Why submit a ticket and wait 48 hours for a conversation that has all of the merits a one handed clap! Instead get both hands clapping at the same time! Of course not everyone lets you do this – try and find a number to call Godaddy for help – yep, I told you so. buy NEO

So back to my blog…  as I find it then I’ll publish it – for the simple reason that perhaps I’ll be somebody else’s F1 key. There might never be anyone that ever finds my information useful – but just in case – then I’ve placed my guides here for them. And as long as I can pay the hosting then they will remain  it might be quite a long time before the whole world ends and up until that point then the sum of my parts might well be a bastion of worldly knowledge! buy NEO in Pakistan

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