Tracking Down Anonymous Bloggers

The use of linguistic identity markers to track down bloggers. You can run – but you can’t hide! The idea that bloggers can remain anonymous could never be further from the truth. There are many ways that your identity can be tracked down. The same applies to blog commentors and forum trolls. There is a trail of breadcrumbs that drops from your pockets all the way along the internet!

Let’s start first with how to track down the owner of a site – I can use a real example here – I needed to find the owner of a disused domain for a client that wished to purchase it. The reason being that they sold whipped cream chargers on various sites but were keen to get hold of the exact match for SEO purposes they already woned a few sites with catchy whipped cream themed names but wanted to nail the number one spot with the “chargers” in the title. Read the full article »

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Cream Chargers Wholesale

Is it always better to but wholesale cream chargers – or could the less-is-more motif be applied here?

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Why Molecular Mixology Is So Important In Cocktail Making

The question is not why molecular mixology is so important in cocktail making, but it should be what cocktail making would be without this wonderful procedure. It is the opposite of molecular gastronomy.

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Sum of my chargers

There were 10 cream chargers hanging on the wall and if one cream charger should accidentally fall – why there would be no  cream chargers and no bloomin’ wall..

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Voodoo Knife Block v Cream Chargers

So which would win in the battle of good against evil – the dark side against the light perhaps there will be no winner? It will be after Christmas before anyone gets to find out – if you think this is all rather cryptic then are probably right – but keep up and follow the story and who knows where it will take us… Read the full article »

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Chargers Againts The World

I’m holding out that laziness is the thing that will bring about our downfall. That is to say it is not the things that we do that will destroy us but more likely the things that we don’t.

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Whipped Cream Chargers

Life is every bit as simple and/or complicated as you chose to make it and that applies equally to whipped cream chargers as anything else  Read the full article »

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Whipped Cream With Everything

And from the tech to the kitchen – because I am the sum of my parts and they don’t always mesh as one might like. You could think of a physical analogy with the metaphorical slant! The proverbial custard pie in the face is in fact pure dairy without the need to any eggs. Hence not custard at all but relly just whipped cream!

The revolution stared when a friend of a friend charged in to dispense a whipped cream on a plate right into the face of Mr  Murdoch.   whipped cream

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