by george, i think shes got it!

i have been floundering for a while now, trying to fit what i am seeing in weblog communities into the linguistic model i had previously chosen and i tried, and i read, and i was just *not* making the connections! when i started working with lilia and anjo, i began to dabble in sociolinguistic theories, but never really let my feet get  too wet because it was not the theory i was supposed to be using. well, i finally gave up! i have stopped trying to force my data into a prescribed model of linguistics when there is another that actually fits! it is the Cinderella slipper of my data and i am going to embrace it! ok all exuberance aside, i am so excited about modifying my thesis to use sociolinguistic models rather than cognitive blending! i checked out every book the library has and have read most by now. i am drinking up the literature like my morning coffee and everything just makes sense! in a little under two weeks, i get to present all this new stuff to the linguists in my department as well as to a few over skype. (an aside, i like this experimental way of conducting a seminar skyping in potential opponents.) soon that note, i will leave you with the best sentence i have read so far this morning

“(Linguistic) Changes do not simply spread through the population person by person, but get taken up and manipulated by communities of practice in the construction of social meaning.” –P. Eckert