new (to me) theorist

I found a new name today and really like her take on discourse markers:

Deborah Schiffrin on discourse markers (somewhat paraphrased from The Handbook of Discourse Analysis):

  • Discourse as not only a unit of language, but as a process of social interaction
  • Discourse markers as sequentially dependent elements that bracket units of talk, i.e. nonobligatory utterance – initial items that function in relation to ongoing talk and text
  • a set of linguistic expressions such as conjunctions, interjections, adverb and lexicalized phrases.
  • A discourse model with different planes: participation framework, information state, ideational structure, action structure, and exchange structure
  • can work across 1 or several
  • markers have both global and local functions

this little bit in The Handbook has intrigued me, not least the bits about working on several planes and the global and local functions, and I would like to get my hands on more of her work.