Seminar streams and writing processes

Sometimes being a working, single mom can be difficult. Especially when kids get sick and deadline are looming. Today, however, I was able to merge my two worlds by being home with my sick daughter (who is going crazy with my stapler at the moment) and watching Thereses seminar through the live stream at the same time. I think this is the first live stream I have watched and, to be honest, I was quite pleasantly surprised by the quality. There were no lags, no jumps and bumps. It was like I was there! We do, however, need to establish a better way of interacting with the seminar speakers. It is difficult to ask questions. There is a chat, but I can never remember the URL. Skype is also an option that we have tried, but we need to work out the sound aspects a bit better.

I am also putting the finishing touches on my rough draft to be distributed in the morning. I have really enjoyed writing again! i have enjoyed working my way through the process in the last year I have done a lot of presentations in which you do the research, write outlines and cue cards about what to say, create pretty little powerpoints, but then the full synthesis gets lost in the planning of the next project. This time I am completing the process and writing a paper. It is the first chapter of my thesis and will look at the methodology of creating a linguistic corpus from a weblog dataset. This paper is written for a specific conference, and will have to be lengthened and the focus slightly changed for my thesis, but recording the creation process in such a way is a great start!!

The seminar that I was supposed to present the findings this paper is based on was going to be last Friday. Due to the flu, however, it has been postponed to this Friday at 13.30.