MY Penny Auction Review

My Favorite Passion, My Favorite Penny Auction Websites – REVIEWED
I said I was going to do this so here it is.
Some of this I have said before in earlier posts, and I am not a PROFESSIONAL, so if you don’t agree, you can’t shoot me.

I have now participated on auctions for over 10 months and I have had just wonderful time
and my kids are loving all the stuff I have won. You also get free spins on the Bid Spinner via Bid Packet purchases
or special events. BidKnight is pretty easy to win.

2. Quibids
Not sure what this website is al about, mostly Voucher Bid Auctions, which I am not sure why you win them since there
is very little product on the website.

3. HappyBidDay (SCAM)
Had fun on this site but bad customer service and never got the item I won, even after I called 4 times.

4. DealDash
I liked DealDash and it had some really nice items I could have used in my home but it is very hard to win anything.
Now, I am not a seasoned veteran, more and experienced newby but it was very hard.

10. TopHatter (yes, 10th. any site is better than this site. SCAM)
I did try also but it took way to long to get the items and the quality was very cheap, like from China.
I did receive one item broken and their customer service was terrible I finally just kept the broken item and will not
participate anymore on Tophatter. I consider to be a rip off or scam website.